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Bob Herrman - Austin, TX

I have been with SEI fuels for some time. All my business dealings with SEI have been very positive. They go beyond their job of being my fuel distributor. I would highly recommend them.

Jawed Panjwani - Austin and Georgetown, TX

SEI Fuels has surpassed all our expectations in their dealer relations and fuel services. They are an exceptional partner to work with and really take care of their dealers by providing very fair contracts and reward their top dealers with great trips. Their Dealer Business Consultants are highly professional individuals and are always available to assist you. We look forward to many more years of partnership together.

Frank Rabadi - Dallas, TX

I feel extremely privileged to be working with a company that is represented by such caring team members. SEI treats me like family, and it’s always comforting knowing you are running your business with a company you can trust! Thank you, SEI, I look forward to continued success with you all!

Ali and Amin Dhukka - Cedar Park, TX

We are very satisfied with SEI Fuels. Their turnaround on fuel orders is very quick and also the pricing is very competitive. Furthermore, they offered the LED light incentive offered from Exxon that we were able to avail. We really appreciated the vacation package to Prague this year for being a loyal customer and achieving positive results from the mystery shopper.

K. H. Haque (Hawk) - Dallas, TX

SEI Fuels has an excellent dealer portal! It's always fast, easy to use, and allows me to order gasoline, check daily prices, and check invoices quickly and easily. Simply praising the portal without mentioning the management behind it would be unjust. SEI Fuels’ management has made doing business with the company effortless and enjoyable.

Ricky Patel - Anderson, SC

This trip has been one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken and definitely strengthens an already great allegiance I have for SEI Fuels. I look forward to many more years working with your company as I continue to operate the gas stations I already own and future ventures in the convenient store market.

Sam Hossain and Mohammed Sultan - Dallas, TX

In my 15+ years of gas station business – I think I have found a genuine, honest, responsible, dependable jobber in the SEI team. They are prompt and have offered extended help whenever needed. I was even surprised to get a response even they are on vacation! It is amazing.

Sean Hooda - Dallas, TX

SEI is truly a good partner for dealers. Their website has an easy and effective ordering system with all your financials at your fingertips. Their support system is supplemented by business consultants who call on you to help grow your business and address issues. Their buying power got us great maintenance contracts and effective control of gasoline dispensing system. Concerns are addressed immediately.

Warren Lynn Haddix - Austin, TX

Why is it good to do business with SEI Fuels? The most simple and dramatic answer is dependability. As a gas operator and retail store owner, consistency of product is our life blood. I can count on SEI Fuels to deliver the product on time, to provide a quality product, and to be available 24/7. That is what I demand, and they deliver. Dependability is not a given; it is earned. Good job SEI Fuels.

Yager Food Mart - Austin, TX

We are very happy to do business with SEI Fuels. They have good service, easy ordering, and on-time deliveries. The drivers they use are good, and our Dealer Business Consultant is very helpful.

S. Sami Salibi - TX

Through my years in the business, I have dealt with several fuel suppliers and jobbers, both the smaller operations and the larger national ones. SEI Fuels has set and maintains a high standard of professionalism in their dealings with me as a dealer, coupled with an excellent interpersonal business relationship reflected in their area sales reps. I look forward to a continuous and prosperous relationship with SEI Fuels in the years to come.

Ralph Hooda - Dallas, TX

The strategy team (Dealer Counsel) that began from Exxon/Mobil times which was then continued by TETCO has been graciously adapted by SEI Fuels. The strategy team is a mixture of dealers and SEI folks coming together to brainstorm ideas to improve the best buying experience for all stores and increase profitability.

Millers Food Market - Burnet, TX

Thank you on behalf of my business to SEI Fuel Services for being very generous and kind. Service has been provided in a timely manner. My pricing keeps me competitive compared to other brands in the market. Further, the company representatives are quick to respond to my phone calls, emails, and text messages. Thank you.

Dan and Karen Boschert - Dallas, TX

What a wonderful trip!!! Karen and I just wanted to express our appreciation for the terrific time we had last week. SEI did a great job of putting together a memorable program. We are looking forward to Puerto Rico.

Jamal Premjee - Dallas, TX

SEI is a young but a fast growing company, eager to help customers and motivated to do better every day. The staff of SEI is pro-active, well-trained, informed, reachable, and helpful. I am very proud and happy to be associated with SEI.

Salman Arab - Dallas, TX

SEI has been such an integral part of our small business, from seamless fuel orders to simple and upfront invoicing. They have helped me grow my business tremendously. Another great asset is the SEI Territory Managers. They are easy to get a hold of for any issues that we might have – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. SEI understands the needs of the "little guy" and works with us on our every need.

Aftab Ahzer - Dallas, TX

We were with TETCO for a long time and we had a very good business relationship with them. TETCO was bought out by SEI, and so far, we haven't seen any difference working with SEI. So, I think that's a good sign and we will continue doing business with SEI.

Frank Rabadi - Dallas, TX

I have had the pleasure to work with SEI, and they have been nothing but exceptional. They exceed my customer service expectations in their willingness and readiness to help in any situation. They have been supportive in every matter and have helped me grow my business.

Ricky Patel - Anderson, SC

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone at SEI Fuels for inviting me to the amazing tour of Prague your company organized this year. Not only did I have an amazing time experiencing the sites, sounds, and locales, it was great to meet the entire executive staff of SEI Fuels and your other customers nationally. As a hotelier for the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity of working with many of the top hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriott & InterContinental Hotels Group. My hotels consistently have ranked in the top 10% in quality and service and yet I have never been recognized or felt more like I was part of these hotel's teams as I have with SEI Fuels.

Eric Muzaffar - Whitney, TX

I have been customer of SEI Fuels for a long time. I have been in the gas station business for 27 years. I have dealt with lot of gasoline jobbers and sales reps, and I'm proud to say SEI Fuels is the best in business. I have three locations with SEI Fuels. My other locations come up for renewal in 2015, and I can’t wait to switch them to SEI Fuels. I am a customer for life.

Sean Hooda - Dallas, TX

The strategy team (comprised of dealers) works closely with SEI to help grow dealers' businesses. They address concerns and come up with resolutions. SEI rewards top dealers with a recognition trip every year based on mystery shopper, image scores, and volume growth. Above all SEI gives dealers an opportunity to grow within the 7‑Eleven network. Thank you SEI.

Thomas E. Iannetta - Pittsburgh, PA

SEIF is a trusted, reliable supplier and supportive problem-solver as a partner with me in running our family business. It is important to me that I can trust my jobber to do what they say they will do and to actively help me on any issues that impact profitability, customer service, or consistency in execution of marketing plans. They listen and take follow-up action on all my concerns. I have over 45 years experience in this industry – as a dealer trainer, a division manager for a major oil company, and now a BP dealer.

Valerie DuBois - West Mifflin, PA

I have been an independent dealer for the past 20 years. I leased my property from BP, then another distributor,  then SEI. SEI seems to care more about the success of my business. They take more pride in the upkeep of sites, which makes me want to invest more because I know that they are investing as well. My consultant is extremely professional and efficient when it comes to resolving problems. This year I was able to purchase my property so I could further invest in and improve my business. I am really happy with the results and look forward to a long-term relationship with SEI Fuels.

Sam Hossain and Mohammed Sultan - Dallas, TX

In regards to the dealer portal – that is also an extreme help. We get prices, invoices, and draft notices, plus ordering gas is all at our fingertips. The portal is very helpful and friendly to use at any time. Your system is a very helpful tool which you have provided to your customers. Keep up the good work.

Basharat and Farida Ahmad - North Lauderdale, FL

The level of customer service from our field rep has been great. The attention to detail and response is always timely. The company organization is well formed, and they are always making improvements to improve the customers' experience. SEI Fuels has earned our trust and we look forward to future relationships.

K. H. Haque (Hawk) - Dallas, TX

The amount of involvement that the management of SEI Fuels has with its dealers is evident. In the time that I have done business with SEI Fuels, I have nothing short of compliments and praises to say all around. They are doing a fantastic job in providing their dealers with great service, and I am looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Russell Hill - Lavonia, GA

Having been an Exxon dealer exclusively for almost 30 years, we realize the value of loyalty. We had dealt solely with one dealer/one brand since our company began. Our distributor eventually sold his company to a larger corporation – SEI. We were approached by nearly a dozen distributors vying for our business. SEI was the most professional and proficient of the contenders. We chose to SEI for their commitment to excellence. Their staff has been eager to please and quick to respond, assuring that we remain a satisfied customer.

Candy Baumann - San Antonio, TX

I’ve been in the fuel business for over 20 years and I have seen my share of fuel reps come and go. I have never seen one like our rep with SEI Fuels. She is professional, attentive to our needs, communicates with us and our management team, and I honestly feel she has our best interest in mind. I am thrilled that we have partnered with an incredible company like SEI Fuels and look forward to years of business together.

Ralph Hooda - Dallas, TX

The incentive trip for top dealers is a great reward for store owners and their managers for their hard work all year, which reflects in the mystery shopper and image scores as DFW has a better average score than the national average.

Don and Katie Lastoria - Brecksville, OH

My family has been in the fuel and service station business since 1968. SEI Fuel Services is a partner that truly cares for the success of our business. They listen, understand, and advise on business challenges and tactics that help us achieve our goals. They inspire confidence in our future success – we have made the decision to purchase the property. A continued relationship with SEI is a critical aspect of our future, and it is a relationship that feels like family to us.